Old town

TOUR 1 – Old town

“One of the most picturesque districts in France”

The “Old Town” of Lyon is one of the oldest and most picturesque and charming districts of France. With its magnificent Saint John’s Cathedral built between the 12th and 15th Century in authentic gothic style, the district was one the most important religious, cultural and economic centers in the Kingdom of France during the Middle-Ages and Renaissance periods.

This unique ensemble was saved from destruction in the 1960’s by the French Minister of Culture André Malraux.

In this tour, we will discover and understand the story and importance of this district in the history of France and Europe, with its picturesque cobblestones streets and alleys, secret passageways, courtyards and gardens, old palaces with rich local architecture, as well as very tradition shops, restaurants and museums.

Besides, this tour will also offer you a better understanding of some Lyon’s traditions historical events which made its reputation, such as Lyon’s gastronomy, the silk industry, the WW2 and much more…