Fine Arts Museum

TOUR 10 – The Fine Arts Museum

2 hours

Established in 1801 alongside the Louvre and other French cultural landmarks, the Fine Arts Museum of Lyon is housed in a majestic 17th-century palace. This encyclopedic museum boasts diverse collections spanning from Antiquity to the Modern period, showcasing sculptures, paintings, decorative arts, and textiles.

A visit to this museum offers a unique chance to marvel at ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman artworks. The curated collection includes masterpieces by Flemish, Italian Renaissance, and Baroque artists like Quentin Metsys, Pietro Perugino, Veronese, and Rubens. Additionally, the galleries feature exemplary works by French luminaries such as Delacroix, Monet, and Auguste Rodin.

Explore the corridors of time and witness the evolution of art within the refined halls of the Fine Arts Museum of Lyon. This institution stands as a testament to France’s rich cultural heritage, providing a comprehensive and enriching experience for art enthusiasts.

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