The Presqu’ile

TOUR 5 – The Presqu’ile

2 heures

The “Presqu’ile” is by far, the area that best expresses the greatness of the city.

Lyon benefits from a very peculiar and original topography, dominated by two rivers, the Saone and the Rhone, converging to the south to form a sort of Peninsula, which is considered as the heart of the city. This Peninsula, named “Presqu’île” in Lyon, is home to many of the most beautiful and important monuments and squares of the city, such as the City-Hall Palace, Bellecour Square with its imposing statue of the Sun King, Terreaux Square, housing the iconic “Bartholdi Fountain”, as well as the Grand Hotel-Dieu, witness to the elegance of French classical architecture and to the history of local and French medicine.

Besides, the “Peninsula” represents the cultural and commercial centre of Lyon, with the Opera House and the Celestins Theatre, and an abundance of popular and luxury shops and department stores.

In this tour, we will explore the area that concentrates the most important monuments of the “Presqu’île”, making Lyon a city of Greatness.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any additional questions on the Presqu’île, and for a private and customized tour of this area located in the heart of Lyon.