History and Gastronomy

TOUR 7 – History and Gastronomy « Food Tour »

Lyon benefits from a high gastronomic reputation, making the city an important centre of culinary traditions in France and in Europe.

The roots of gastronomy tradition in Lyon can be found in the 15th Century, thanks to the royal trade fairs which brought a large number of travelers and merchants to the city. Besides, the simple and yet original recipes of Lyon’s Mothers, women of character since the 18th Century, contributed to shape the reputation of the typical restaurants in Lyon, called “Bouchons”.

Finally, visiting the “Halles Paul Bocuse” is a great opportunity to explore the intersection of food and local culture assembled under a rich indoor food market. It’s also a way to experience the contact of some local traders, and taste an incredible variety of local specialties in a lively and friendly atmosphere.

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