Confluences District

TOUR 8 – Confluences District

2 hours

Experience one of the finest examples of contemporary urbanism in France. From an ancient old port and industrial area, to a smart sustainable district, “Confluence” is a great example of how an infamous neighborhood could be revitalized and given a new face, and where nature and culture are important allies to give a new quality of life to the local community, projecting Lyon as a city of future.

Located at the southern limit of the “Peninsula” of Lyon, the Confluence District appears today as an outcome result of major urban challenges undertaken in the city since the 18th Century. The first, launched in the 1771, aimed to extend the area of ​​the Presqu’île, in order to double the city center of Lyon. The second, started more recently at the end of the 21st century, aimed to rehabilitate the district, formerly occupied by a port and local industries.

This tour will allow us to appreciate the encounter between the Rhône and Saone Rivers, where the current Museum of Confluences is located. Then, throughout a pleasant walk on Rambaud’s Dock, we will discover the talent of a team made up of landscape architects, reflected in buildings that have now been converted, and where nature rubs shoulders with us in an exceptional setting.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any additional questions about this tour, which will allow you to explore an important page of urban history of the city of Lyon.